Warehouse and distribute on your terms

  • Inventory tracking & management
  • 24/7 facility security
  • 500,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space

Warehousing your goods with Simore allows you to free-up space in your facilities. With our storage facilities located just outside of the Greater Toronto Area, we’re able to offer more competitive rates while maintaining ease of access and distribution. 

Our facilities are monitored 24/7 and patrolled regularly. We maintain our locations, ensuring that they are clean, well-lit, and completely secure, so you can rest assured that your materials are in good hands. 

To suit diverse customer needs, we offer both short-term and long-term storage and have the capability of handling materials ranging from 1 to 50,000 pounds. 

To move and access materials, we utilize dock level, drive-in bays, ground level, and crane lifts for a multitude of loading and unloading options. Our in-house carrier services are competitively priced and all-inclusive.

Outsource for greater efficiency with our vast warehousing services:

  • Dedicated, experienced staff
  • Full-service warehousing
  • 500,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space
  • Climate-controlled facilities
  • Inventory tracking and management
  • Real-time online visibility and reporting
  • Customized pick-and-pack operations
  • Cross dock operations
  • 24-hour, 7-days a week security
  • Strategically located in Hamilton, Ontario

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Frequently Asked

Collection of questions our clients ask us most frequently

What are transportation services?

With respect to the transportation of freight, transportation services encompass the planning and logistics management of moving items from one location to another.

What are warehousing services?

Warehousing is the storage of goods that will be used, sold, or distributed at a later date. Larger businesses or those with complex storage and distribution requirements typically outsource their storage needs to a company specializing in warehousing.

What industries use transportation and warehouse services?

We work with partners across all sectors. Many of our long-time clients are residential and commercial developers, machining and electrical conglomerates such as Eaton Electrical, Trane, and Great Northern Battery.

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