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May 26, 2021

What are transportation services?


When an individual or organization needs to move goods from one location to another, they often seek out the support of professional transportation services. 

Simply put, transportation is the movement of products, goods, or any other moveables from one location to another. The inclusion of services refers to the management and logistics of the transportation. 

Examples of transportation services include: the timely movement of grocery items from a production facility or warehouse to retail locations; new vehicles being delivered to dealerships; the coordination of pick-and-pack items used in construction being shipped to project sites, and so on.

Types of transportation services

For larger-scale transportation needs, the movement of goods is most often achieved through air transportation (cargo planes) and ground transportation (transport trucks). However, a variety of other transportation methods exist, including:

  • Buses
  • Trains
  • Air (commercial, private, or semi-private)
  • Container ships
  • Personal boats and ferries 
  • Personal vehicles such as: automobiles, vans, taxis 
  • Bicycles
  • Pedestrian transportation

Of course, many of the options above are simply not viable for large-scale operations or for those looking to extend their reach to new markets through efficient and timely transportation solutions. That’s where the expertise of a tenured transportation services company comes in.

At Simore Transportation, we’ve been a trusted partner to organizations for over 40 years, offering expert transportation, warehousing, and logistics solutions to businesses within a variety of sectors. 

For organizations in need of transportation services, finding the right provider is key to business success and connectivity to consumers. 

The benefits of professional transportation services

There are several reasons that businesses choose to outsource their transportation needs, and many benefits to doing so. Here are few of the significant ones.

Benefit #1: Leveraging resources

Most businesses simply don’t have the vehicles or vessels required to move large volumes of goods, nor do they have the manpower to manage and execute such endeavours. Outsourcing provides considerable cost saving potential and no liability for the transportation of the goods.

Benefit #2: A unified solution
When you engage a reputable transportation service, you can rest assured that each element of the transportation process will be closely monitored and in sync. Whereas businesses that attempt to manage their own movement of goods often work with siloed systems that don’t speak to one another, causing disorganization, losses, and even damages.

Benefit # 3: Improved KPIs
By having a more organized transportation system in place, business are likely to see a marked improvement in many of their key performance indicators such as: time to fill orders, loss and damage prevention, customer satisfaction, and more.

Benefit #4: Tracking capabilities 

Most reputable transportation services offer tracking and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to monitor the location of drivers, oversee inventory levels, run reports to expose or monitor inefficiencies, etc.

Benefit #4: Time savings
By not having to invest internal resources in the management of transportation and logistics, businesses can focus on what drives their bottom line — production and sales. 

At Simore Transportation, we offer timely transportation, expert logistics management, customized warehousing solutions, professional logistics management, and top tier customer service. 

How to find a transportation service that you can trust
Do your homework — don’t trust your cargo to just anyone. Look for a company that has been in business for a while and has a demonstrated track record of responding and evolving to meet changing market demands. 

Whenever possible, ask other successful business owners who they use to transport their goods. And when you’ve narrowed down your options, research who their customers are and call on some of them for feedback or a referral.

With transportation services, reputation speaks volumes. For more information about what a partnership can do for your business, contact Simore Transportation.

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