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May 21, 2021

What are warehousing services?

Warehouse Services

When a business expands or enters new markets, it often requires additional space for its goods. Frequently, this means looking for an offsite storage facility that allows their goods to be safely stored and easily accessible. 

Warehousing is the storage of goods that will be used, sold, or distributed at a later date. Larger businesses, or those with complex storage and distribution requirements typically outsource their storage needs to a company specializing in warehousing. This is where the inclusion of services comes into play. 

Warehousing services are about more than just a place to put your widgets, products, or materials. It’s a holistic system that allows businesses to store their goods at an offsite location, while still maintaining easy access to, and movement of, their items — all managed by an outsourced warehousing vendor. 

What are pick-and-pack services?

Many businesses — particularly those in construction and manufacturing — don’t have the space to store things like lumber, joists, nuts, bolts, etc., yet they need these things on-hand for their ongoing projects. 

At Simore Transportation, we offer pick-and-pack services — the ability to have select items picked on-demand from storage and transported to the customer’s preferred location for immediate use. For businesses that rely on the timely execution of complex projects with many moving pieces, this service is invaluable. 

What are some of the benefits of warehousing services?

For businesses of all kinds, there are many benefits to warehousing your goods, products, or materials, such as:

Production support
Special service offerings such as pick-and-pack services allow businesses to streamline their production process and only keep the items or materials they have an immediate need for on-site, at the exact time they’re needed. This creates an opportunity for an enormous uptick in efficiency in the production process.

> The opportunity to expand
Outsourcing storage allows organizations to focus on their core business and put more energy, resources, and investment into the production of more goods or projects and/or the development of new ones.  

> Supply stability

Professional warehousing services frequently offer access to inventory management tools so that businesses can track their supply and manage demand more efficiently. This ensures that there is never too much, or too little, supply available.

> Minimized risk
The safety, security, and preservation of the warehoused goods is the responsibility of the warehouse owner or provider. As such, businesses need not worry about the insurance of their goods — just be sure to select a reputable storage facility and discuss their protocols and insurance coverage for the items under their roof.

How to choose a warehousing partner
Finding the right fit can be harder than you think. To locate a provider that understands your business, ask around. Referrals and reputation are always a great way to connect with potential storage facilities. 

You’ll need a team that understands your business, it’s needs, where you are today and where you’re planning to grow. You want a facility and on-site team that you can trust to support your business even when it’s at its busiest.

And, you’ll want to tour the facilities. Remember to ask about security, access, safety protocols, and specialized storage options such as cold storage for goods that may require it. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the dynamic warehousing services at Simore and their integration with our reliable transportation solutions, we’d love to hear from. Let’s start the conversation. Contact us.

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